About Connect Up

At Connect Up, we are the experts in bringing new and innovative technology to the market. We are proud to service high-risk industries such as construction, oil & gas, shipping, and warehousing in the United States and worldwide. 

Our founders have decades of experience developing business-focused technologies designed to improve operations across a spectrum of industries. We’ve taken that expertise and used it to build the foundations of Connect Up. 

Our mission at Connect Up is to innovate safety and health in the workplace. We use technology to connect PPE, vehicle trackers and asset tags to our proprietary back end Cirrus cloud. With AI and Machine Learning, our solution is designed to keep your workforce safe and is made to help streamline time consuming processes – like filling in injury reports and insurance forms. 

We are OSHA and CDC regulatory champions, and our solution reflects that commitment to safety compliance. We give you the tools necessary to simplify and automate any reporting process, letting you focus on your core business.

Contact us today if you’re looking for a connected safety, health and performance monitoring solution. We can help customize the perfect solution for your workforce.  

Smart. Simple. Safety.

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