Our STRATUS line of devices collects all the data and uploads it to the CIRRUS cloud. The ecosystem wouldn’t be complete without our future products that are coming in 2021. 

The Stratus Mini

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18 million workdays are lost per year due to workplace bullying.

As a result, the average company incurs $14,000 per employee in lost productivity costs. In the construction industry, 31% of women say that sexual harassment is frequent, while 32% of minority workers report persistent incidents of racial harassment. 

With smart audio capturing, an employee can feel safe knowing that any uncomfortable situation they are put in can be documented and reported at their discretion. When the  Peace of Mind™ button is pressed, it stores and uploads audio – capturing before and after the button press creating a cohesive timeline of the event. 

The Peace of Mind™ function provides you an opportunity to improve worksite safety, address mental health concerns and actively track and monitor harassment and bullying claims.


COVID-19 has changed the way we live and run our businesses. With guidelines changing all the time, it is important for businesses to ensure employees safety and compliance with health regulations. 

Stratus Mini can be customized to alert both the user and managerial staff – in real-time- when an employee is in danger of breaking social distancing protocols. Using the Zephyr platform’s advanced analytics, your company can create contact tracing campaigns in the event of reported infections in your area and provide detailed reports to OSHA, the CDC and other government agencies. The Stratus Mini can even be customized to include a daily CDC survey for each employee, ensuring that everyone remains compliant before entering your building. 


With falls considered one of OSHA’s Fatal Four, how can we actively monitor and ensure the safety of our crew – onsite and off? 

The Stratus Mini is designed with employee safety in mind. This small, rugged wearable device provides audio and vibratory alerts, notifying your workforce and managers if an accident occurs. The system is so smart, it’s able to tell the difference between trips, tumbles and falls, making sure that your employee receives the help they need and gathers and stores the data your organization needs to analyze the accident. 


Year-end OSHA reporting is required by law. At Connect Up, we leverage technology to make workplace safety second nature to employers and workers.

 The Stratus Mini device works in concert with the Zephyr analytics dashboard via our CIRRUS cloud platform to take the stress out of compliance reporting. With options to pre-populate OSHA mandated forms or workers compensation insurance forms, using our technology can make time-intensive safety reporting an efficient and seamless process. 

According to OSHA’s Final Rule, employers with 250 employees or more are no longer required to electronically submit Forms 300 (Log of Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses) and 301 (Injury and Illness Incident Report). However, these employers must still maintain Forms 300 and 301 on-site.

Our Stratus Mini is a small, rugged device that is powered by our proprietary back end Cirrus Cloud. The system actually learns and predicts potential accidents in high risk areas. The data collected is then generated into customizable, easy to read reports and offers OSHA form pre-population functionality. It is Smart. Simple. Safety.

Stratus Mini collects data from sensors that record: 

  • Ambient noise
  • Ambient light
  • Location
  • Falls, trips and tumbles
  • Proximity (Social Distance Awareness) 
  • Harassment and bullying (manual alert)
  • Man down SOS (manual alert)