Small And Durable
Drop tested for sturdy wearability
Dimensions: 3.7" x 1.9" x 0.7"
Weight: 2 oz

Uses Ultra-Wideband technology to get
accurate measurements within 3 inches
Easy to Use
Set it and forget it, with up to 5 days of
battery life.


Fully Customizable
Customizable settings: distance, scanning
interval and alert types

(Audio, Visual, Vibration)

European Tech, USA Packaged And Supported
Utilizing European technology and parts, the final product is customized and supported in the USA

Self-Regulating Safety
Creates an environment where people are responsible for their own physical distance

Completely Private
No data gathered or stored, so there are no issues with privacy laws


Getting students back to campus is a major priority for the whole country. SafeDistance takes the onus off educators to regulate physical distance constantly. 


Giving a device to your guests as they enter using a “clean” device and having your employees wear the device mitigates risk for all. Having guests drop their devices into a “dirty” basket when finished means that you can limit the number of devices required for your business. 


Using a SafeDistance as part of a re-opening plan for fitness centers ensures that members can feel safe during workouts and not feel as stressed about their surroundings. 

Places of Worship

Using a “clean” and “dirty” basket will limit the amount of devices required for places of worship. Simply offer members a sanitized device from the “clean” basket and have them return used ones to a “dirty” basket. Simply wipe down with 70% (or more) Isopropyl alcohol and the device is ready for another member. 

Senior Centers

Seniors are in a high risk category. Many of them are not able to visit their loved ones during the lockdown. Using SafeDistance can help get visitors back into senior care facitilities and senior centers. 


Warehouse workers can clip SafeDistance to their belts, wear on a lanyard or keep in a pocket. The device is small enough that it will not interfere with tasks. 


Durable enough that kids can use during playtime, SafeDistance gives them the chance to be kids again without having to remind them of physical distance rules constantly.